CT Mathematics & Education Graduate Programs

Curriculum and Instruction - M.A., Ph.D.
Educational Administration - M.A., Ph.D. 

Educational Leadership - Ed.D.

Educational Psychology - Ph.D.

Educational Technology - M.A., Ph.D.

Mathematics - M.S., Ph.D.


Educational Coach SYC  
Educational Leadership* SYC, Ed.D.  
Elementary Education* MS  
Elementary Education Classroom Specialist SYC
Mathematics* MS
* Connecticut Teacher Certification available in these areas
Doctor of Education in Instructional Leadership
Master of Arts in Mathematics
Master of Arts in Teaching
Master of Science (M.S.) Degree Programs in
   Education, Options and Concentrations:
        Instructional Technology
        Special Education

M.S in Early Childhood Education*    
M.S. in Education Technology     
M.S. in Elementary Education*
M.S. in Secondary Education*
M.S. in Reading and Language Arts 
M.S. in Science Education 
M.S. in Secondary Education*
      (Early Start Option)
M.S. in Organizational Management
  * Connecticut Teacher Certification 
     available in these areas


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