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02/03/2016 10:10 AM | Anonymous

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Grade 6 curriculum development is in full swing! Our team has been in deep thinking mode including discussions about rate vs. ratio and representations for ratios and proportional relationships. Here is a collection of tasks that progress through some of the representations we have been considering. Check them out, and sign in to the website in the upper right corner to leave comments about what you think!
Representing a Context with a Ratio - pictures
Constant Speed - tape diagrams
Same and Different - number lines
Equivalent Ratios - ratio tables


PD Corner


Illustrative Mathematics is partnering with MSRI and the National Math Festival to bring you this spring's Virtual Lecture Series. This Series will feature video from the Festival as well as four promonent speakers joining us live to share new ideas and discuss topics around our theme:
Speaking of Mathematics Education: Productive Conversations with Families

Our speakers are: 

1.     February 25, 2016 Bill McCallum, President and CEO Illustrative Mathematics and University of Arizona Distinguished Professor on leave, "Standards and Curriculum: What's the difference?”

2.     March 24, 2016 Suzanne Wilson, Neag Endowed Professor of Education, University of Connecticut “How can we learn from the history of efforts to improve U. S. mathematics education?

3.     April 28, 2016 Deborah Ball Dean, School of Education, University of Michigan"The Mathematical Work of Teaching"

4.     May 19, 2016 Peggy Brookins, President and CEO NBPTS and Mathematics Instructor,  "Educating All Students"

The series is available for half the usual price at the Illustrative Mathematics Store


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