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06/14/2018 1:21 PM | Anonymous

Thanks again for the insightful webinars, I've already started using our first one in class and what a profound effect on the thoughts of my students! - T. Whitley 

Dear Teacher,

We have some great webinars (all free!) coming up and we hope you’ll join the conversation. If you can’t make it due to a conflict, we encourage you to register to receive the recorded webinar.

All webinars will start at 7 p.m. EST.


June 19: Engaging the Class - How to Start a Lesson Right

You either grab or lose the attention of the majority of your students in the first 5 minutes of a lesson. This webinar provides usable examples of unique and engaging "do nows" and opening questions that effectively engage the attention of high school economics students. 

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June 27Driving Through Jim Crow – Engaging Students in the African American Green Books through Jigsaw

In 1936, an African American mailman living in New York City published the first ever Negro Motorist Green Book. The book was a guide for traveling in the Jim Crow Era. The collection of Green Books are an invaluable primary source for unlocking a deeper understanding of the African American story in US history, as well as the social, political, and economic effects of Jim Crow laws in America. This webinar will examine the Green Books and analyze a teacher-developed lesson plan around this primary source. 

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July 10Driving Through Jim Crow – Engaging Students Through the Lens of Industrialization

This webinar will examine the Green Books and analyze a teacher developed lesson plan around this primary source that uses the lens of industrialization and the automobile to view a turbulent era in American History. 

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July 17Driving Through Jim Crow – Document Based Essay Question

Let's examine the Green Books and analyze a teacher-developed lesson plan that uses the format of a document-based essay to unpack this complicated primary source document.

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July 24Driving Through Jim Crow – Engaging Students in the African American Green Books through Technology and Mapping Tools

Using the Green Books, this webinar will show you how to use mapping tools and technology to engage your students with this primary source.

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August 7The Secondary Economics Tool C.H.E.S.T

This program has been generously funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Discover how to encourage student imagination and promote creative problem solving with economic lessons and activities that are Creative, Helpful, Easy, Supportive, and Thirty. Featuring teaching tips, curriculum connections and five-minute fillers, this webinar supports economic concepts, involves total class participation, and promises successful outcomes. 

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