Robert A. Rosenbaum Award

The Robert A. Rosenbaum Award is presented at the ATOMIC Business Meeting held during the annual conference.  The recipient must reflect the essence of Robert A. Rosenbaum, exhibiting outstanding commitment and successful service to the entire mathematics community in Connecticut.  While it is impossible to capture the spirit of Dr. Rosenbaum in print, the following text serves to demonstrate examples of Bob’s energy, professionalism and dedication to the mathematics community.
  • Mathematics Professor since 1939
  • Wesleyan University Dean, Provost, Academic Vice President, President, Chancellor
  • Service to no less than 18 scientific and professional societies in the form of President, Treasurer, Editor, Board Member, Committee Leader, Committee member
  • Director of PIMMS at its inception in 1979, then Chairman of PIMMS (all work at PIMMS, over 40,000 hours, have been volunteer hours!)
  • Countless presentations at state and national conferences
  • Publications in no less than 12 journals
  • Author of three college textbooks
  • Membership on corporate and service organization advisory boards
  • Countless awards and honorary degrees from universities and professional societies


(Nominations by ATOMIC Members only)

 Year Recipient
2019John Keogh
2017Robin Moore
2016Megan Staples 
2015Kathy Gavin 
2014Ann Marie Spinelli 
2013 Albina Cannavaciolo
2011Tim Craine 
2010Maria Diamantis 
2009 Steve Lecky
2008 Patti Hahn
2007 Ray McGivney
2006 Heather Giancola
2005 Louise Herot
2004Kathy Bavelas 
2003 Dan Dolan
2002 Frank Corbo
2001 Judy Dailey
2000 Betsy Carter
1999 Ken Sherrick
1998 Steve Leinwand     
1997Mari Muri 
1996Don Hastings 
1995Robert Rosenbaum 

If you are an ATOMIC Member, you may NOMINATE a colleague.

This award will be presented at the
next ATOMIC Conference.


The ATOMIC Mission is to ensure that every Connecticut student receives world-class education in mathematics by providing vision, leadership and support to the K-16 mathematics community and by providing every teacher of mathematics the opportunity to grow professionally.

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