Math Entry Requirements in 2015 for State Universities

01/07/2013 9:28 AM | Anonymous

FROM:             Braden J. Hosch, Ph.D.

   Director, Office of Policy and Research

   and Interim Director of Academic Affairs

DATE:              December 17, 2012

SUBJECT:        Math Entry Requirements in 2015 for State Universities

This communication addresses questions that have arisen about math courses required for admission to Connecticut State Universities beginning in fall 2015.

CSU Board Resolution 10-054 sets subject requirements for normal admission into Connecticut’s state universities for first time students. Among these requirements is four years of mathematics in high school “including as required courses Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, a fourth year in an algebra-intensive course, such as trigonometry or statistics and probability.”


Questions have arisen from high schools and from admissions officers if only courses in trigonometry or statistics and probability may satisfy this requirement. The answer is no; these courses are examples of acceptable courses that may qualify, not restrictions upon what mathematics courses must be taken. Any algebra-intensive course that meets the requirements of Public Act 10-111 (Section 16) may satisfy the requirements set forth in this policy and the content of these courses may cover subjects other than trigonometry or statistics and probability.

The ATOMIC Mission is to ensure that every Connecticut student receives world-class education in mathematics by providing vision, leadership and support to the K-16 mathematics community and by providing every teacher of mathematics the opportunity to grow professionally.

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