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Texas Instruments (TI): Tip Tuesday Slope isn’t just a formula

11/16/2021 11:04 AM | Anonymous


Tip Tuesday

 Webinars and math resources for your week


Slope: It Shouldn’t Just Be a Formula

Rate of change (aka slope) is a concept that reverberates throughout every level of mathematics. But, how do we help our students grasp this concept early on so that it connects from one level to the next? Read on to find out.

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A “Gentle” Introduction to Python Programming on the TI‑84 Plus CE Python

Nov. 16 • 7 p.m. Central 

Spend an hour getting acquainted with Python programming. We’ll cover the basics of core programming statements and syntax. No prior coding experience is needed.

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Upcoming free webinars

Nov. 30 • Transformation Graphing — Ideas for Teaching and Learning 

Dec. 7 • Roving With the TI-84 Plus CE Python Graphing Calculator

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Justice-Centered STEM Education to Address Pressing Societal Challenges

Dec. 2 • 6 p.m. Central 

Join our next TI STEM Exchange event to discuss how recent societal issues, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, offer a unique opportunity for educators to connect academic work to shared experiences.

The ATOMIC Mission is to ensure that every Connecticut student receives world-class education in mathematics by providing vision, leadership and support to the K-16 mathematics community and by providing every teacher of mathematics the opportunity to grow professionally.

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