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Welcome to the book study for "Becoming The Math Teacher You Wish You'd Had"

12/21/2019 7:21 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Before responding to this prompt, please Register (free; see link above).

Then, please introduce yourself here by stating: your name, your city, your grade level or position, and why you are interested in participating in the book study (use the ADD COMMENT button below).

The prompts for the first chapter will be posted by January 18, 2020. Please purchase your book in time to begin reading and discussing by then.  (If you need to join after the start date, that is fine, too.)


  • 12/30/2019 8:02 PM | Luke
    Hello! My name is Luke and I teach students in grade 6. This year I teach three levels of math. I teach standard 6th grade, an honors class to 6th graders, and kids who are 2-3 years below their academic year. I participated in last year's book study and learn a lot. I am looking forward to this year's book as I been wanting to read Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You'd Had.
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  • 01/06/2020 6:15 PM | Kimberly Rimbey
    Hi all! I'm Kim, and I wear many hats - District CIA Director (Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment), PD Director for KP Mathematics, AZ Math Leaders President-Elect, CPAM President, NCTM PD Steering Committee, Inventor, Consultant, Author, Blogger... No matter what I'm doing at the moment, I first and foremost love to engage in the teaching and learning of mathematics. I can't wait to engage with you as we read through this book!!!
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  • 01/07/2020 2:11 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Hey everyone! My name is Cortni and I live in New Fairfield, CT but I am a math coach for grades 3 -5 in New Milford. I am a board member for ATOMIC. I am very excited to be doing this book as I have wanted to read it for a while, and I find when I am reading with others I get more out of it. Also I am a huge fan of Tracy!
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  • 01/07/2020 4:43 PM | Anonymous member
    Hi my name is Stacey and I teach and live in New Milford, CT. I have been teaching 4th grade for 19 years and have been our grade level leader for 4 years. I am always looking to improve my craft and bringing new ideas to my team.
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  • 01/09/2020 1:39 PM | Patty Chenail
    Hey everyone! My name is Patty Chenail. I am an 8th grade algebra teacher in Thompson, CT. Although I am teaching algebra, MANY of my students are significantly behind grade level and I am hoping to learn some "tricks" from this book and from you all! In addition, I aspire to be a math coach/interventionist in the not to distant future!
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  • 01/09/2020 2:38 PM | Corinne
    Hi, my name is Corinne Byrne and I am a math teacher in West Hartford, CT. I teach at our alternative high school and I am always looking for new ways to make math more accessible to my students.
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  • 01/15/2020 11:31 AM | Carrie
    Hi! I'm Carrie and I live in New Milford, CT. I am the K-2 Math Coach in New Milford for the last 2 years. I have taught in grades 1-2 and 4th in New Milford for 13 years prior to being the coach. I am really excited to be part of the book study. My outlook has totally changed in Math since learning with a Math BFF and becoming a coach. I want to absorb all the information I can to help my teachers get to this new outlook, like I have. I also have 3 beautiful children and want them to grow up being a "math nerd" like their mom!
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  • 01/15/2020 4:08 PM | Peggy Bell
    I am a third grade teacher in Madison and am looking forward to the book study and collaborating with colleagues.
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  • 01/16/2020 10:27 AM | Alicia Dunbar
    Hello everyone, My name is Alicia Dunbar and I currently teach Kindergarten in Madison, Connecticut. Back when I was a student I always found math to be a challenge as it was just never presented in a way that made sense to me. I'm looking forward to this book to learn about ideas and strategies to help foster a love of math for students beginning at an early age so those feelings continue on through the rest of my students educational journey.
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  • 01/16/2020 1:42 PM | Jen Rianhard
    Hi! My name is Jen Rianhard and I am the math interventionist for the Sherman School, grade levels K-4. I am excited to read/discuss this book with the group and use the information in my own intervention small groups or with my math colleagues.
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  • 01/16/2020 9:35 PM | Karen Campe
    I’m Karen Campe, your facilitator and co-learner for this book study. I have taught students, teachers, and student teachers in various roles and settings since 1988, with primary focus on math grades 7-12. I’m currently an independent consultant in New Canaan CT with a passion for using all types of technology to enhance student understanding.

    I am interested in the Becoming Math book study to explore how we might approach teaching math with joy and engagement. I believe that although Tracy focuses on grades K-8, there is much in the book that secondary teachers will find valuable. I look forward to our discussions together!
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  • 01/17/2020 8:35 AM | Kimberly Rimbey
    Thank you for opening this book club for anyone to join! My name is Kim, I hail from Phoenix, AZ, and in about two weeks, I will become President Elect of the Arizona Mathematics Leaders. I also serve on the board for the Arizona Association of Teachers of Mathematics. My eagerness to participate in this online book study centers on my love of networking and working with math teachers and leaders across the country. Plus, I just bought my copy of Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You Had at the California Math Conference in November, after listening to Tracy Zager's keynote address. I look forward to learning with you all!!!
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  • 01/17/2020 8:37 AM | Stephanie Rousseau
    Hello! I am currently a math specialist/interventionist for Grades K-2 in Littleton, MA. I'm originally from CT though :) I have also held the positions of 5th grade teacher, 6th grade math teacher, and K-5 math coach. I've had this book on my shelf since seeing Tracy speak at NCTM Boston this fall and I can't wait to dive in and learn alongside all of you! I hope to use it to apply to my small intervention groups, but also hope to take away strategies I can share with the teachers at my school.
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  • 01/17/2020 9:02 AM | Alisha Signore
    Hello- My name is Alisha and I teach 3rd grade in Madison. Always looking to extend my learning. I'm hoping this book group will provide additional insight towards my T-Val goals this year: students will be able to construct viable mathematical arguments and supporting their thinking using models, labeled sketches, expressions, equations and/ or words and Synthesizing- thoughtfully combine information/data/evidence, concepts, texts, and disciplines to draw conclusions, create solutions, and/or verify generalizations for a given purpose.
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  • 01/17/2020 9:17 AM | Karen N
    Hello! My name is Karen and I am a K-5 Math and Science Instructional Coach in Fredericksburg, Texas. I've wanted to read this book for a while and I'm thrilled to be able to do so with a community of other learners!
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  • 01/17/2020 9:21 AM | Shelly Jones
    Greetings my name is Shelly Jones and I live in Hamden, CT. I'm a teacher educator at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain, CT. I'm interested in participating in this book study to learn from Tracy and from all of you. I taught middle school for 7 years, was a math supervisor and I continue to facilitate math professional development for the past 15 years or so. I am always eager to learn more because it helps me to facilitate sessions with in-service teachers and with my pre-service teachers. I look forward to learning with you!
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  • 01/17/2020 9:22 AM | Peg Murray
    HI! My name is Peg and I'm a third grade teacher in New Britain, CT. In college I studied engineering, and I worked as a ship's officer, assistant manager of a toy store, and a financial adviser before becoming a teacher. One thing all of those very different jobs had in common was a need to be proficient at math. I've had many math teachers throughout my academic career, some have been great, but a lot were so-so, and I'm looking to improve my practice and become a better math teacher. I'm also considering teaching middle school math, and want to be more prepared for the opportunities that are out there. Looking forward to sharing with you all.
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  • 01/17/2020 10:20 AM | Jan Bjelopetrovich
    Hi! I'm Jan Bjelopetrovich and I'm a Math Specialist working with Grades 2 and 3 in Northern Illinois. I want to be part of this book study because I have had this book for quite awhile and haven't really dug into it very far. I think this book study will help me to read and finish the book.
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  • 01/17/2020 11:14 AM | Stacey Daly
    Hi, I'm Stacey Daly. I am a math coach in Madison in grades 4 - 6. I have also worked as a fourth grade teacher and then as a K-4 interventionist, enrichment teacher and coach. I am really looking forward to reading the book in its entirety. I've read parts of it over the last year. I saw Zager speak at NCTM last year and loved her ideas so I'm excited to be able to discuss the ideas with other.
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  • 01/17/2020 11:25 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Hi everyone! My name is Sue and I am an education and curriculum specialist with EdAdvance, a regional education service center. My work focuses mainly on supporting schools and districts on the development and implementation of high quality curriculum and instruction in mathematics. I am participating in the book study because I believe in the importance of continuous ongoing learning to build knowledge and skills that will foster improved instruction and student performance.
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  • 01/17/2020 12:03 PM | Jean Nolte
    Hello everyone, I am a Math Interventionist in grades 4-6 at Thomaston Center School in Thomaston, CT. I am looking forward to participating in this book study and hope to improve my effectiveness in teaching mathematics.
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  • 01/17/2020 8:47 PM | Nicole Gilson
    Hi! My name is Nicole Gilson and I have been teaching in the urban and suburban New Haven area for 23 years. After 23 years, I have become the math/specialist specialist for my school system in a new school. Since I am only recently "out of the classroom" I feel like a first year teacher learning my new role. I am a coach, interventionist, curriculum writer and sometimes therapist/sounding board. My recent journey began in 2016 after being nominated and selected for the Presidential Award for Mathematics Science and Technology Award. After being in DC for a few days collaborating with teachers from all over the country and US territories, I realized how important it was to connect with others who felt as passionate about making a difference in our students' lives. I choose to take part in this particular book club because after reading the title and the first chapter, I felt as though this was me. I am evolving into The Math Teacher I'd Always Wished I'd been... and frankly wanted as a learner growing up.
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  • 01/19/2020 3:55 PM | Alison Foley
    Hi. My name is Alison Foley - I am a Math Specialist at a K-5 school in West Hartford, CT. I am a Math Coach and Interventionist so I work with both teachers and students. At NCTM Boston this year, a few of us from West Hartford saw Tracy speak and were inspired by her vision so we were very excited to see this book study.
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  • 01/20/2020 9:23 PM | Anonymous member
    Hello my name is Cesar and I teach at Adult Ed setting. I am a member of ATOMIC and I look forward to learn more about becoming an effective math teacher.
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  • 01/21/2020 8:54 AM | Anonymous
    Hello! My name is Stacie and I work in Old Saybrook, CT. This is my first year working as the district math coach and instructional leader in Old Saybrook. Prior to that, I worked as a grade 3 classroom teacher. I am looking forward to reading this book as a way of learning more about mathematics instruction and building upon the work I do with teachers across the district. I'm excited to be reading and discussing along with other math teachers as I think it will make new learning more meaningful for me.
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  • 01/22/2020 8:47 PM | Rakitia Delk
    My name is Rakitia (Ra-kee-sha). I do not live in CT but I found out about this book study from a link in an #ElemMathChat a few weeks ago. I currently teach 4th grade math in Suitland, MD. I'm joining the book study because I have been wanting to re-read this book for some time now and this was a great opportunity to do that. I love that I can feel like I'm discussing the book in a professional learning community instead of just trying to digest solo.
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  • 01/26/2020 1:47 PM | Megin Sechen
    Hi My name is Megin Sechen. I am the math PK-8 math coach for Region 18 (Lyme/Old Lyme). This is my 4th year as a math coach but my first year in this district. Before this I taught kindergarten for 8 years and before that I taught 5-7th grade math/science. I have wanted to read this book for a while and this book chat has pushed this to the top of my reading list. I look forward to thinking and learning more about math education with others who are passionate about math.
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  • 02/01/2020 9:23 AM | Becky Lyman
    Hi! My name is Becky. I manage a behavioral program in Terryville, CT at the middle school level. In addition to working through behavioral issues with my students I teach several different levels of math to those that have fallen behind over the course of their academic careers. I have 8th graders at the third grade level and so on. I am interested in this book and course because I need every resource available to connect with these kids and get them to "like" and understand math so they can move forward. I'm hoping to help with behaviors wrapped around the subject....
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