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    Defined Learning Launchpad: Supporting Learner Success Through Defined Learning 

    In partnership with the CSDE, Defined Learning is offering a one-day in-person workshop for Connecticut educators at no cost. This immersive and collaborative experience brings together instructional coaches and educators and is focused on working through performance tasks and developing a classroom plan for implementing the use of Defined Learning resources.


    Participants may choose to attend this in-person workshop on May 17th or May 18th from 9:00 AM - 1:45 PM. For more information and to register for our in-person professional learning workshop, please follow the link below.


    Workshop Registration

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    CCLM is excited to announce two great opportunities for secondary school teachers and especially math leaders! Each session will address two topics of very high interest. We will use a roundtable format, but we also will have special guests attending each session. Both sessions will be moderated by Past President John Keogh. 


    Both sessions are virtual. 

    Session B: Thursday May 4 2:30-3:45 

    Session C: Wednesday May 10 2:30-3:45 



    Session B: the two topics (both based on Pillar #2 from the Math Equity Position paper) are (1) How do we enhance the relevance of math for our students? and (2) How are you diversifying pathways or what new courses are you offering to meet the needs of your students? 

    Session C: the two topics are (1) What should algebra 2 look like and how important is this course for your students? and (2) What is your school or district doing to meet the Essential Condition that we implement high-quality curriculum?  


    These two sessions are FREE for all current individual or district members. 


    If you are NOT a current member, we have great news for you! By registering for either session and paying the $25 membership fee (which will be invoiced to you by our treasurer), your membership will be extended until June of 2024!! 


    You can register by filling out the very short form at  


    We anticipate two great sessions of high relevance to your work!!! 

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    TEACH Connecticut is thrilled to launch a 2023 Scholarship Program for Future STEM Teachers. This program plans to award $200,000 in scholarships this coming academic year in an effort to increase the amount of qualified and diverse STEM teachers in our pipelines. You can learn more about the scholarship on the attached flyer and here on our TEACH Connecticut STEM Hub!

    If you are interested in joining us on this journey as a STEM Ambassador or learning more about this opportunity, feel free to reach out directly to Cheyenne or Ashley via email or you can use this link to set up a virtual meeting to learn more and ask any questions you may have!

    Also check out the STEM events for the month of April on the attached flyer from Teach

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    College Board Digital Test Platform Webinar:  College Board is launching a New Digital Test Platform for school year 2023-24.  Two informational TEAMs webinars have been scheduled to provide information and give educators an opportunity to ask questions.  Please register using the following links:

    Register for May 2 from 10-11:30 AM     

    Register for May 11 from 12:30-2:00 PM


    Financial Literacy Month and Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month April marks an important month in education. This month we celebrate both Financial Literacy Month and Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month. This is an opportunity for schools to encourage students and their families to engage in learning that sets the foundation for a bright future. It is critical for students to be financially literate and to understand mathematics and statistics as important drivers in our current world. The Connecticut State Department of Education encourages districts, schools and informal education partners to promote this month by checking out the attached CSDE - PD Playlist Financial Literacy Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month. Together we can increase financial knowledge and appreciate the diverse applications of mathematics and statistics.

    NCSM 2023 Summer Leadership Academy: Be the Change: Leading Equity Work from a Coaching Stance This will be held July 24-26, 2023 in West Hartford, CT from  8:30 am to 4:30 pm EDT at the West Hartford Conference Center, 50 S Main Street, West Hartford, CT 06107. It is intended for PK-16 mathematics education leaders, teams, and individuals. Participants will examine the structures, actions, and mindsets necessary to lead effective and equitable mathematics programs. Visit the website for more information and to register.

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    Infosys Foundation USA is partnering with CSisElementary to host CSK5, the Online Summit for K-5 CS Education on March 30th.  All are invited you to attend, and to share this opportunity with your colleagues. . It’s two hours, online, free, and packed with actionable resources and information for CS and STEM programs. Please register, and see the iagenda below.

    K-5 Solutions Showcase. Breakout presentations on the best in K-5 CS solutions: Google CS First & Blockly,, MakeyMakey, Scratch Foundation, Amazon Fulfillment Center Tours, Microsoft MakeCode, and more, plus breakthrough innovations from new providers.
    Schools That Show the Way. Lighting round profiles from the first cadre of CS100 Award Winners—schools that teach 100% of their K-5 students CS.
    Showcase Districts. The district that drove graduation rates from 66th to 16th using STEM & CS for all students… the one-school predominantly Hispanic district where a Super’s determination is changing all his kids’ lives… the district with 42 elementary schools that teaches CS to every child AND makes its curriculum available as a free open-source resource to all… one of America's largest districts of 200+ elementary schools that teaches every child computer science.
    State Breakout Sessions from every state on K-5 CS programs, resources, standards and inspiration.



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    MTC 4 Social Justice has an upcoming workshop Tuesday evening with an algebra/statistics lesson and important conversation on incarceration rates by demographics. See below for the registration link and more information.


     3/21 Registration


    Workshop Title: Incarceration in Connecticut

    Date/Time: Tuesday, March 21st, 6:30-8:00pm (EST) via Zoom

    Presenters: Taryn DiSorbo, Cheshire Public Schools; Nickie Pendolphi, Groton Public Schools; Bella Llano, University of Connecticut

    Description: The United States continues to have the highest rate of incarceration in the world. Connecticut has taken steps to lower this rate, but how has the criminal justice system impacted different demographic groups? In this session, we will share our lesson that analyzes incarceration rates by race (or gender or age) in Connecticut in the past decade. We will use regression and Desmos to compare different rates over time and then shift our focus to critical conversations. What can be done to improve our system through restorative justice (for example)?

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    Simulated Instruction in Mathematics Professional Development (SIMPD) has demonstrated positive impacts on the quality of math instruction and AIR has received a grant to run a randomized control trial study where local coaches are trained and teachers participate in the professional development.  All costs and needed equipment are covered by the grant including compensation for teachers and coaches as well as training costs.  There will be an intervention cohort that will participate in training and data collect 2023-2024.  The “business as usual” cohort will just do data collection in 2023-2024 and receive the trainings in 2024-2025.


    Attached is the official flyer.


    The link for the study site is

    More on the original study is here

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    There is an exciting professional development opportunity for grade 7 math teachers who have English learners/multilingual learners in their classes. This opportunity is being offered through a partnership between the Connecticut State Department of Education, the Regional Educational Laboratory Northeast and Islands, and several other professional organizations in Connecticut.


    The Visual Access to Mathematics professional development course is being offered for free to grade 7 math teachers in Connecticut as part of a research study. In the Visual Access to Mathematics course, teachers from across Connecticut will deepen understanding of visual representations such as double number lines for grade 7 ratio and proportion content, and they will learn strategies that can be integrated with their current mathematics curriculum to support English learners/multilingual learners while also benefitting all students.

    Grade 7 teachers who wish to participate will either have the opportunity to engage in the professional development in 2023-2024 or in 2024-2025 as part of the study. For the 2023-24 school year, the professional development will involve:

    • Summer Institute: 3 day in-person workshop August 15-17, 2023; at a location TBD in Connecticut
    • Online sessions:  six school-year sessions that include asynchronous activities and a small-group videoconference meeting
    • Online workshops: Two school-year 2-hour videoconference workshops  

    All participating teachers will receive a $325 stipend for completion of project research activities and have the option to earn graduate credit with payment of a graduate credit course fee.

    We are currently enrolling grade 7 mathematics teachers for the 2023-2024 school year. Individual teachers are welcome, but we encourage school teams of teachers to join to support school learning communities and institutional knowledge. We have attached a flyer with more information and encourage you to share with colleagues.


    If you are a Grade 7 mathematics teacher or a school or district leader interested in learning more, complete this form to sign up for an information session. The sessions are expected to last about 20 minutes and are being offered as follows:

    • Monday, March 20th 3:30pm
    • Tuesday, March 21st 4:00pm
    • Tuesday, March 28th 3:30pm
    • Thursday, March 30th 3:00pm
    • Monday, April 3rd 3:00pm
    • Thursday, April 6th 3:30pm
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    “If I Knew Then, What I Know Now”

    A Virtual Computer Science Career Panel Discussion Wednesday March 22, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

    This panel discussion features rising talent from across the CS sector including representatives from Google, Match, , Moody's Investors Service and more!  Join us to learn how they took their early interest in STEM and pursued a variety of academic and certification pathways that ultimately led into successful tech careers. Check out the flyer here

    Direct Registration Link:



    Do you have a passion for computing and want to help others? Well there is a NEW opportunity for you. The Lt. Governor’s Computing Challenge is seeking mentors to support teachers and students in submitting to the Prototype or Development Challenge. See the attached flyer for additional information.


    Are you a teacher looking to participate in the Lt. Governor’s Computing Challenge or do you have students who are interested but you are not sure how to help? Teachers and students can now request a mentor to support completion of a submission to the Lt. Governor’s Computing Challenge. Simply complete the Mentor Request Form and the Lt. Governor’s Computing Challenge team will to match you with a mentor.

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    CSDE Launches Grades 3-5 Model Math Curricula and 6-8 Model Math Curricula Publisher Alignment Guides 

    The second phase of Connecticut Model Math Curricula is now available for district access and implementation. This phase includes the release of the grades 3-5 Model Math units of study with embedded financial literacy tasks. In addition, publisher alignment guides of high-quality vetted resources have been added to the 6-8 Model Math curricula. Both are designed to assist districts in implementing high quality, high impact mathematics curricula. All model curricula are available through GoOpenCT, Connecticut's open education resource digital library. The Academic Office has created an updated CSDE Model Curricula Quick Start Guide and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to support districts access. All inquiries can be directed to Chief Academic Officer Irene Parisi at

The ATOMIC Mission is to ensure that every Connecticut student receives world-class education in mathematics by providing vision, leadership and support to the K-16 mathematics community and by providing every teacher of mathematics the opportunity to grow professionally.

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