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    Registration is now open for interactive summer professional development!

    Accomplish Your Professional Goals

    Recharge with NCTM this Summer

    Your mission is to provide an exceptional education so that each and every student is prepared for college and career success. At NCTM, we use our extensive network and resources to provide events, such as the Interactive Institutes this summer, to support your passion as a mathematics educator.


    This summer the learning at NCTM's Interactive Institutes is all new! Go in-depth and get hands-on practice on current critical math education topics—facilitating meaningful mathematical discourse and supporting students' productive struggle.


    Choose from two Interactive Institutes to attend:

    Facilitating Meaningful 

    Mathematical Discourse

    July 17–19

    Supporting Students' 

    Productive Struggle

    July 20–22

    What is mathematical discourse? Why is it important to students' mathematics learning? How do we support mathematical discourse for each and every student? Join other teachers and school leaders this July to examine these questions and more.
    What is productive struggle? Why is it important to students' mathematics learning? How do we support productive struggle for each and every student? Join other teachers and school leaders this July to examine these questions and more.



    Win a Free Night!

    Save money and be entered to win a free night when you make your reservation at the official headquarters hotel for both events, the Hyatt Regency Baltimore Inner Harbor! Discounted rates are available to all Institute participants, but you must book your room through NCTM to receive the special rate. Book now for Facilitating Meaningful Mathematical Discourse or Supporting Students' Prodcutive Struggle.

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    FREE Math Education Webinars

    Looking for ways to collaborate with your colleagues from all over the country, while still staying in the comfort of your classroom or home? NCTM has you covered! March provides a number of opportunities for you to join your peers in the mathematics education community to learn together.


    NCTM's wealth of wonderful webinars will discuss equity and social justice, taking action based on results of large-scale national and international assessments, and reasoning and sense making in the math classroom. Join us for these free learning opportunities and be sure to share your insights before, during, and after the events on social media with the hashtag #NCTMLive.

    Collective Action to Develop Awareness: Equity & Social Justice in Math Education

    March 7 | 7:00 p.m. ET


    What is one thing the math education organizations can do to further support your work in making mathematics education a more just, humane, and positive experience for children?Join the mathematics education community for the second webinar in this series. Speakers and discussants will include leaders from the Journal of Urban Mathematics Education, the Benjamin Banneker Association, and the North American Study Group on Ethnomathematics.


    Register for FREE


    A Perfect Storm of Data: We Must Take Action!

    March 15 | 7:00 p.m. ET

    What can we learn from large-scale national and international assessments? NCTM President 
    Matt Larson will discuss in more detail his January President's Message.
     Join us  as he provides a combined analysis of the results from the National Assessment for Educational Progress (NAEP) scores, the Trends in Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), and the 2015 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), and recommends actions that we can take together.

    Register for FREE

    Reasoning and Sense Making in the Mathematics Classroom

    March 22 | 7:00 p.m. ET


    Developing students' capabilities with reasoning and sense making processes should be the primary goal of mathematics instruction. In order to achieve this goal, all math classes should provide ongoing opportunities for students to productively use these processes. In this webinar, Michael Battitsta will illustrate the nature of mathematical reasoning and sense making in prekindergarten–grade 8 by showing examples from a three-book series on Reasoning and Sense Making in the Mathematics Classroom. With student and classroom vignettes as well as instructional tasks, learn how instruction can support students in their development of reasoning and sense making.


    Register for FREE


    2017 NCTM Annual Meeting
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    What's New
    Did you attend the NCTM Phoenix or Philadelphia Regional Conferences? Were you hoping to attend but couldn't get away? 


    Check out this webpage to view/download resources we provided in the Networking Lounge. Join presenters and peers at

    Resources for YOU!

    Pre-K–Grade 2 

    Dynamic Paper — Need a set of pattern blocks where all shapes have one-inch sides? You can create it and more with the Dynamic Paper tool. Place the images you want, then export it as a PDF activity sheet for your students or as a JPG image for use in other applications or on the Web.

    Tool ratings, reviews, and discussion. 

    Grades 3–5

    Turtle Pond — Students enter a sequence of commands to help the turtle get to the pond. The turtle will then move along a path according to their instructions.

    Tool ratings, reviews, and discussion. 

    Grades 6–8

    Playing Fraction Track — In this two-player e-example, students take timed turns racing to the end of each fraction line by moving one or more of their markers to sum to a given fraction value. Options include a pass and restart button.

    Tool ratings, reviews, and discussion. 

    Grades 9–12

    Vector Investigation - Boat to Island — Students move the boat in the water by changing the magnitude and direction of the boat's speed (blue vector) or the magnitude and direction of the water current (red vector). Students try to land the boat on the island without hitting the walls.

    Tool ratings, reviews, and discussion. 

    Brain Teaser Thanksgiving Birthday 



    How old will 

    Tom be when he finally 

    has a Thanksgiving birthday?










    National Council of Teachers of Mathematics 
    1906 Association Drive 
    Reston, VA 20191-1502

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    The Connecticut State Department of Education has created a listserv for math educators within the state.  The purpose of this listserv is to keep educators informed of professional learning opportunities and to provide general updates about math education.  In order to ensure that you get the most pertinent information, please take a couple of minutes to provide some general information by visiting:

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    “Mystery of the Ocelot and the Agouti” and Other Engaging TI-84 Plus Activities 
    Oct. 25, 7 p.m. Central time
    Presenters: Sherri Abel, Kathy Hale

    Register now > 

    Explore engaging TI-84 Plus activities, including the “Mystery of the Ocelot and the Agouti,” that bring real-world data to sometimes hard-to-grasp concepts for middle grades and high school mathematics students. This free webinar will focus on:

    • Using data to drive instruction and engage students
    • Integrating real data to teach students how to curve fit
    • Incorporating graphs to answer thought-provoking questions

    Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance, which may qualify for school or district professional development credit.  

    Win registration for two to the 2017 T³™ International Conference
    Attend this webinar for a chance to win complimentary registration for two to the 2017 T³™ International Conference, March 10-12, 2017, in Chicago, Illinois. (See rules.)

    Best regards,

    Charlyne Young
    TI Educator Support Team

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    Dear MoMath friends,

    Whether you like video games or physical games, solving puzzles or creating them, reading books or watching a story unfold before you, there’s something for everyone at MoMath this fall.  And don’t miss your opportunity to experience MoMath After Hours, the very first event put on by MoMath’s Young Patrons Circle — come dance the night away as you experience the world of math after dark.

    Want to attend the MoMath Race to the Finish gala for just $100?
    Text your pledged donation of $100 or more to 346-200-0538 by midnight on Sunday, October 23rd, and you'll be eligible to win a ticket to the MoMath gala, to be held at Guastavino's at 6:00 pm on October 25*.  Include your first and last name and the amount you would like to pledge, for example: "Leonardo Bonacci 100."  Don't miss your chance to enjoy an evening of interactive math fun, to mix and mingle with some of the top names from the worlds of math, finance, and entertainment, and to hear from Nate Silver in person just two weeks before the election.

    *MoMath must receive at least 15 donations to award the prize. Just a few more pledges needed; multiple pledges are allowed!

    MoMath at a Glance  
    Tuesdays & Thursdays Expansions, the K-12 gifted program at MoMath
    Wednesdays Significant Figures adult education program
    Sun, October 23 Stand-Up Mathematics, comedy night at MoMath
    Tues, October 25 Race to the Finish: MoMath's annual gala honoring Nate Silver
    Wed, November 2 Math Encounters: "Super Math Adventureland: An Interactive Journey Through the Many Worlds of Geometry" with Andreas Daniel Matt
    Fri, November 4 Family Fridays at MoMath presented by Time Warner Cable: "Game On!" with Steven Clontz
    Sat, November 5 2016 Dimensions puzzle hunt: "Enigmas of the Exhibits"
    Sundays, November 6
    through November 27
    KenKen tournaments at MoMath
    Mon, November 7 Math Monday returns!
    Tues, November 8 "Spin, Fold, Repeat" professional development day at MoMath
    Thurs, November 10 MoMath After Hours with the Young Patrons Circle
    Thurs, November 17 Volumes, the MoMath book club: The Mathematician’s Shiva: A Novel
    Fri, November 18 MoMath's Derivatives tour program begins
    Thurs, November 24 MoMath closed for Thanksgiving Day: Happy holiday!
    Fri, December 2 Family Fridays at MoMath presented by Time Warner Cable: "How Math Can Save Your Life" with Susan Marie Frontczak
    Wed, December 7 Math Encounters: "How to Bake Pi: Making Abstract Mathematics Palatable" with Eugenia Cheng
    Fri, December 9 Tween Primes, the MoMath book club for tweens and teens: Ruby Redfort Look Into My Eyes by Lauren Child
    Wed, December 14 Summations homeschool exploration days at MoMath
    Thurs, December 15 Volumes, the MoMath book club: Finding Zero by Amir Aczel
    Coming in December Unlimited, a new program for middle school students

    Follow MoMath on Social Media

    Instagram Twitter Facebook YouTube

    New at MoMath!
    Don’t miss your chance to take a spin on a trefoil knot or drive along the single surface of a Möbius strip with MoMath’s newest exhibit, Twisted Thruway!  Then, celebrate the work of renowned Spanish sculptor Miguel Berrocal as you try your hand at solving a replica of one of his stunning and intricate puzzle sculptures in the gallery show The Insides of Things.  Finally, make sure to catch the temporary exhibit Super Cube Shuffle, where speed, dexterity, and pattern recognition can make you a champ.  Visit soon, because Super Cube Shuffle will only be at the Museum through November 13!

    Announcing Unlimited, a new program for middle school students
    MoMath is launching an exciting new drop-off program this fall just for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders (no parents allowed!).  Unlimited provides an opportunity for students to make new friends and have an endless amount of mathematical fun, including nights of music, games, and more.  Register here to be notified about the launch event, coming this fall.

    Significant Figures
    Significant Figures is a series of twelve educator-led workshops offered to seniors.  Workshops are held Wednesdays from 3:45 to 4:45 pm from now through December.  As an added bonus, on the first Wednesdayof each month, full-session registrants are invited to enjoy reserved priority seating for Math Encounters with a special opportunity to meet the presenter right before the program begins.  Sign up now for individual workshops or for the full or half series and receive a discount.  Learn more and register at

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    The Friday Institute at NC State, has two exciting professional learning opportunities that may be of interest to mathematics teachers and other educators in your state. In the Place @ the Friday Institute, you will find MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) designed for educators. The Teaching Mathematics with Technology and Teaching Statistics Through Data Investigations MOOCs are completely FREE professional learning opportunities that are designed to develop the pedagogy and content understanding for teachers in middle school, high school, and at postsecondary levels. The courses are built by expert teacher educators in their field and on research-based models of effective professional development, professional learning communities, and online communities of practice.


    Registration for both courses is now open and will launch on September 26, 2016.


    At the end of each course, participants can request a certificate of completion. In some states, such as North Carolina, teachers are also eligible to receive renewal credits, Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Teachers will need to contact their local state agencies to inquire about the eligibility in their states. It may also be a great opportunity for teachers to work in teams or PLCs to complete the course together.


    If you think either of the MOOCs described below are a good fit for educators in your state, please share this information with them. We would be happy to provide any other materials you may need (e.g., logos, course descriptions, course objectives, etc.) in order to disseminate information about the courses as widely as possible to District/LEA and teacher networks. Let us know if you have any questions, and thank you!


    Below is a brief description of each MOOC:

    Teaching Mathematics with Technology

    Many recognize that technology can be an invaluable tool to support students’ engagement in and learning of mathematics. The Teaching Mathematics with Technology MOOC is designed to equip teachers with instructional practices that leverage technology to support students’ mathematical learning. Participants will learn how to use technology to enhance teaching and learning, analyze student thinking, and engage students in productive discourse. Here is a link to the course


    A short promotional video can be viewed here:


    Teaching Statistics Through Data Investigations

    The Teaching Statistics through Data Investigations MOOC is designed primarily for educators who teach statistics, in grades 6-12 and in post-secondary contexts, but is relevant for those who teach disciplines that use data-based explorations extensively to make claims and inferences. This course allows participants to learn, along with colleagues from other schools and districts, to use an investigation cycle to teach statistics and to help students explore data to make evidence-based claims. Here is a link to the MOOC:


    A short promotional video can be viewed here:

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    Mathematics Teacher Logo
    NCTM Logo

    Volume 110, No. 2

    September 2016


    Correlation Revelation: The Search for Meaning in Pearson's Coefficient 
    Craig Huhn 
    Lesson planning leads to a deeper consideration of what it means to study and learn mathematics.
    How Administrators' Messages Influence Teacher Practice 
    Richelle Marynowski 
    Teachers react to pressure and expectations as they prepare students for high-stakes exams.
    Fostering Algebraic Understanding through Math Magic 
    Kien H. Lim 
    Meaningful context motivates students to appreciate the usefulness of variables, expressions, equations, and symbolic transformations.
    Snapshots of Equitable Teaching in a Highly Diverse Classroom 
    Ruth N. Urbina-Lilback 
    Two instructional principles—being open to students' input and building on misconceptions—can open the door for mathematics learning in community college.
    A Study of Statistics through Tootsie Pops 
    Shelby Aaberg, Jason Vitosh, and Wendy Smith 
    Students construct confidence intervals, write hypothesis tests, and use sampling data to evaluate claims—all by using candy wrappers.



    Meet your nominees. 2016 Board of Directors Election.
    NCTM 2016 Regional Conferences and Expositions 2016 Phoenix October 26-28. Philadelphia October 31 - November 2
    Be sure to check the MT Blog, Joy and Inspiration in the Classroom, to read the latest offering.


    Reader Reflections 
    Readers reflect on past articles
    Media Clips  
    How Big Is Too Big? / / Attendance Matters
    Mathematical Lens  
    Closed Circular Chains
    Calendar and Solutions  
    A set of problems of many types.
    Connecting Research to Teaching 
    Strategically Fostering Dynamic Interactive Environments

    Technology Tips

    Mathematical Modeling with MyMaps and Spreadsheets

    Delving Deeper

    Factor and Remainder Theorems: An Appreciation

    For Your Information

    Reviews of NCTM books and others.

    The Back Page: My Favorite Lesson

    Exploring Geometric Sequences


    SHARE YOUR IDEAS - Call for Articles

    Call for Manuscripts: On the Front Burner: Emerging Issues in Mathematics Educations


    Call for Manuscripts: The Back Page: My Favorite Lesson


    Call for Manuscripts: Reasoning and Sense Making


    Call for Manuscripts: Technology Tips


    Call for Manuscripts: Connecting Research to Teaching


    Call for Manuscripts:  Focus Issue: Tool Kit for Early-Career Teachers


    See all Current Calls for Manuscripts.

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    Commissioner's Office

    Save the date: Governor's Summit on Mastery-Based Learning, September 26, 2016, at ITBD in New Britain [PDF]

    Commissioner Wentzell's Back-to-School keynote speech [PDF].

    Resources for schools in the aftermath of the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida.

    It's time for the annual Governor's Summer Reading Challenge.

    Guidance for districts regarding transgender students and refugees.

    A series of webinars for superintendents and central office leaders on the transition to ESSA is underway. [PDF]

    • View a recording of the June 15 webinar, ESSA Overview & 2016 Regulatory Process, or download a copy of the presentation [PDF].

    Highlights from Connecticut's approved ESEA flexibility request [PDF

    Paula Murphy

    ESANE Executive Director


    Exhibits for 2016 ESANE

    VCTM - October 14,  2016

    Greater Boston Reading - October 19, 2016

    ATMNE - October 20-21, 2016

The ATOMIC Mission is to ensure that every Connecticut student receives world-class education in mathematics by providing vision, leadership and support to the K-16 mathematics community and by providing every teacher of mathematics the opportunity to grow professionally.

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