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    Math in the Real World

    You can't miss this! 

    We have collection of over 20 free lesson plans (gr. 9-12) all about Math in the Real World. This collection brings together the expertise of math and economics teachers to create interdisciplinary lessons that emphasize the use of math to teach important personal finance and economic concepts.

    Check it out:

    View all lesson plans >>>


    EconEdLink Editorial Team

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    FREE Math Education Webinars

    NCTM has two new learning opportunities to collaborate with your colleagues from all over the country, no matter where you are. This month Webinar Wednesdays will discuss the different pendulum swings throughout the history of mathematics and implementing effective mathematics teaching practices with the newly published Taking Action series—now availiable after selling out completely at the Annual Meeting last month.


    Join us for these free webinars and share your insights before, during, and after the events on social media with the hashtag #NCTMLive. Join your peers in the mathematics education community and let's learn together!

    The Elusive Search for BalanceSMS_2901(1).jpg?r=1492627769989

    May 17 | 7:00 p.m. ET


    Taking place next week! This President's Message webinar will take a closer look at the ideas discussed in the February President's message.  NCTM President Matt Larson explores the different pendulum swings throughout the history of mathematics. He proposes that we seek balance and break the historic cycle of pendulum swings. We need to return to, promote, and implement in our classrooms the NRC definition of mathematical literacy. We want students to know how to solve problems (procedures), know why procedures work (conceptual understanding), and know whento use mathematics (problem solving and application) while building a positive mathematics identity and sense of agency.  


    Register for FREE

    Taking Action, 6-8Taking Action: Implementing Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices

    May 24 | 7:00 p.m. ET


    This Author Talk webinar will engage teachers in activities drawn from the newly published Taking Action series. This new series will help teachers develop their understanding of the eight effective mathematics teaching practices found in Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All. It will also give information about how to enact the teaching practices in classrooms and, in so doing, promote equity. The activities will include analyzing a narrative case, student work samples, and a video to help teachers understand how engaging in particular practices can support student learning. Download the handout packet and join author Peg Smith in just two weeks to take your teaching to the next level!


    Register for FREE

    2017 NCTM Annual Meeting
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    Register Now for the NCTM Event Near You!

    Your One-Stop Shop for Professional Development

    Discover Innovative Ideas—Connect with Peers this Fall


    Searching for innovative ideas you can immediately use? Looking for the latest updates on classroom best practices from recognized innovators? The 2017 NCTM Fall events have the program content you need, no matter what you're seeking. This fall, NCTM will be in OrlandoLas Vegas, and Chicago—learn more and make your plans for the event most convenient and relevant to you.


    Whether you're a classroom teacher, math coach, administrator, math educator, teacher-in-training, or math specialist, there's something for you at one of NCTM's upcoming professional development events. 

    Find Your Event

    Need Help Making Your Case?


    Get support to attend an upcoming event when you use the Justification Toolkit to highlight the benefits of in-person professional development: Orlando | Las Vegas | Chicago.


    NCTM's conferences are not just an opportunity for you to improve your instructional practice and gain ready-to-use teaching and assessment strategies. They are also an important opportunity to benefit the professional development of your colleagues, supervisor, and district. Use the toolkit to help define and clearly communicate these benefits in order to make the case to attend.

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    MDR_17_body 4_edit


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    Residential Summer Workshops at the 

    University of Connecticut’s

    School of Engineering

    The daVinci Project


    July 10-14, 2017


    Introducing our students to engineering is a national need.  Most students love to be creative and to connect academics to the real world….this is what engineers do while making technologies that solve serious world problems.  The UConn School of Engineering is holding its 18th annual daVinci Project.   It is a weeklong (Mon-Fri) residential series of hands-on workshops for middle and high school science and math teachers. This year it’s being held July 10-14.  Teachers live on campus and participate in one of 10 very engaging workshops, as well as many other seminars, a variety tours through research labs, our state of the art water reclaim and wastewater facilities, and our CoGen plant.  Come and be part of an exciting week of exploration!  We have 27 fellowships available.  Please share this professional development opportunity with the other STEM teachers in your school or district.


    1.    Understanding Pain: Sensory and emotional stimulus to your brain  – 2 fellowships available

    2.    Bioinformatics: Using Computer Science to Understand Life – 3 fellowships available

    3.    Topology Optimization: A computational technique for design of 3D-printed parts – 2 fellowships available

    4.    Low Cost Solar Cells – 5 fellowships available

    5.    Air Quality and Health: Building an Air Pollution Measurement Device with an Arduino®

    6.    Basic Arduino® Programming for STEM Projects – 3 fellowships available

    7.    Mathematical Optimization with Applications to Smart Grid and Intelligent Buildings – 10 fellowships available

    8.    Fuel Cell: Construction and Operation

    9.    Robots: Use in Industry and Elderly Assistance

    10. Monitoring and Maintaining Stream Health in a Developed Watershed – 2 fellowships available

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    Mathematics Teacher Logo
    NCTM Logo

    Volume 110, No. 9

    May 2017



    Mathematical Modeling: Are Prior Experiences Important?

    Jennifer A. Czocher and Diana L. Moss

    Along with previous learning, general knowledge and personal encounters influenced students when the Letter Carrier problem was delivered to them.

    Powerful Meanings for Logarithms

    Daniel K. Siebert

    Support student reasoning by supplementing a common but problematic meaning for logarithms.

    A New Take on an Old Square

    Janessa Richardson and Rachel M. Bachman

    A preservice teacher recounts historical perspectives and her own discoveries in the process of completing the square. 

    A Different Pitch to Slope

    William Wolbert

    Hands-on activities give students appreciation of real-world mathematics.
    Downloadable activity sheets and answers(.docx)

    Quickfire Challenges to Inspire Problem Solving

    Suzanne R. Harper and Dana C. Cox

    Emphasizing the process rather than the produced solution, the Kaleidoscope task inspires students to create an artifact for further reflection and discussion.


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    on Twitter
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    on LinkedIn


    2017 Summer Institutes Baltimore
    Math Education Webinars


    Reader Reflections 
    Readers reflect on past articles.
    Media Clips  
    Davis's Fastball
    Mathematical Lens  
    Square Street
    Calendar and Solutions  
    A set of problems of many types.
    Activities for Students 
    Do-It-Yourself Fractals Functions
    Downloadable activity sheets (.docx)
    Technology Tips 
    Dynamic Display of Data

    Delving Deeper

    Data Modeling Using Finite Differences

    For Your Information

    Reviews of current mathematics books and products from NCTM and other publishers.

    Thanks from the Editorial Panel

    An annual listing of volunteers who served as bloggers and reviewers and referees for MT during 2015-2016. 

    The Back Page: My Favorite Lesson

    3000 Hits Lesson Overview

    MT Index Volume 110 (Aug. 2016-May 2017)

    The 2016-2017 index for Mathematics Teacher contains both author and subject categories. (Online only component)


    SHARE YOUR IDEAS - Call for Articles 

    Call for Manuscripts: Mathematical Lens


    Call for Manuscripts: 2019 Focus Issue: Mathematical Misconceptions


    Call for Manuscripts: Effective Teaching of Foundational Concepts


    Call for Manuscripts: Technology Tips


    See all Current Calls for Manuscripts.

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    Now Available in the NCTM Store

    Dear Amanda,

    NCTM's new Taking Action: Implementing Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices series was in high demand at the 2017 NCTM Annual Meeting in San Antonio—selling out completely! The 6–8 and 9–12 books are now officially back on the shelves, so don't delay—order your copy today.

    Buy Now
    Buy Now

    Each book in the Taking Action series offers a coherent set of professional learning experiences designed to foster teachers' understanding of the effective mathematics teaching practices and their ability to apply those practices in their own classrooms. The book examines in depth what each teaching practice would look like in a classroom, with narrative cases, classroom videos, and real student work, presenting a rich array of experiences that bring the practices to life.

    Building on the framework provided in the landmark publication, Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All, the Taking Action series is for teachers who aspire to ambitious teaching that will provide each and every one of their students with more opportunities to experience mathematics as meaningful, challenging, and worthwhile. It's certain to be your number one go-to resource.

    Webinar Series: Author Talks 
    May 24 | 7:00 p.m. ET

    NCTM will be hosting a webinar, Taking Action: Implementing Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices, with author Peg Smith on May 24. The webinar will engage teachers in activities drawn from the newly published Taking Action series. Registration is open, so reserve your spot for this free virtual learning opportunity today.


    Interactive Institutes this Summer


    What is mathematical discourse and why is it important to students' mathematics learning? What is productive struggle and how do we support productive struggle for each and every student? 

    Find out at the NCTM Interactive Institutes in Baltimore this summer. Institute sessions will align with the Taking Actionseries!

    • Facilitating Meaningful Mathematical Discourse  
      July 17–19Learn more >>> 
    • Supporting Students' Productive Struggle 
      July 20–22 | Learn more >>>

    You will receive a complimentary copy of the Taking Action publication that corresponds with the Institute you'll be attending. Register today to secure a seat at one of these unique, in-depth, professional development opportunities.

    2017 NCTM Regional Conferences & Expositions

    Shop more New Releases.

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    K–5 Sessions: June 29 - Windsor, CT & Sept. 18 - Shelton, CT

    Problem Solving for Instruction and Assessment: Performance Tasks, Rubrics and Anchor Papers, K–5

    At this introductory workshop, individuals will learn how to integrate Exemplars performance tasks and the criteria from our assessment rubric – Problem Solving, Reasoning and Proof, Communication, Connections and Representation – into instruction to support the CCSS for Mathematical Content and Practice. Participants will learn how to: create a supportive environment for math inquiry; identify what constitutes a good problem and problem solver; assess student work with proficiency; and use assessment results to guide instruction and improve academic performance.

    K-5 Admin Session: June 30 - Windsor, CT

    The Standards-Based Classroom: What to Look For and How to Support Your Teachers

    This workshop provides an opportunity for leaders/administrators to understand the basics of standard-based assessment and instruction and problem solving in their schools' classrooms and to support teachers with the process.

    Participants will learn how to: support and engage teachers in discussion around the Common Core Mathematical Practices; define the vocabulary of mathematical problem solving, assessment and communication; define the types of assessment that an educator incorporates in his or her teaching; study and apply the Exemplars assessment rubric; and discuss what to look for in a standards-based classroom and how to question students about their mathematical problem solving and communication.

    K-2 Session: September 19 - Shelton, CT

    Numbers Are Primary, K–2: Teaching Number Sense and Place Value to Young Children

    Learn firsthand how to implement new approaches to teach students who are struggling to master basic math concepts and skills. Help them to understand the power of number sense and place value. Explore conservation of number, subitization, part/whole relationships, compensation, counting on and counting back. Leave with over 20 “make and take” activities and resources to support immediate classroom implementation.
    Contact Us or Call (800) 450-4050 

    Exemplars, 271 Poker Hill Road 
    Underhill, VT 05489

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    Register Now for the NCTM Event Near You!

    Great Math at Your Doorstep

    Register Today for NCTM's Fall Events

    Are you constantly on the lookout for new resources to use in your classroom, tools to ensure your students discover the thrill of mathematics, and research to advance your career?


    Look no further. NCTM's Regional Conferences & Expositions and Innov8 Conference this fall will bring great math—researched-based strategies, peer-to-peer collaboration, classroom-ready tools, and more—directly to you.


    Whether you're a classroom teacher, math coach, administrator, math educator, teacher-in-training, or math specialist, there's something for you at one of NCTM's upcoming professional development events. 

    Start Planning


    Register for the NCTM Regional Conference that's most convenient for you. You'll have the opportunity to participate in insightful education sessions, dynamic exhibits, and top-notch networking opportunities.


    Meet with other like-minded educators and improve your knowledge and skills with high-quality professional development and hands-on activities.

    The Innov8 Conference is specifically designed for team collaboration and learning. During the event you'll work with your team to apply your knowledge with an action plan to take back to your school or district.

    The Early-Bird Gets...The Best Rates and Rooms!


    Catch the best rates with early-bird registration for NCTM's fall events. Register early and you'll save up to $80 off with early-bird registration rates. Maximize your savings and your conference experience when you make your reservation at one of our partner hotels. Rates have been negotiated to ensure you get the best room, but a limited number are available. Make your plans now:

    Early Birds Get the Worm!


    Regional Conference


    Regional Conference

    Las Vegas 

    Innov8 Conference

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    My name is Jason and I am the Community Manager at I want to inform you about an awesome teacher grant opportunity. The grant is for $1,000 and open to school teachers and college professors.

    In order to apply, teachers must submit either a 300-500 word essay or 1-2 minute video on the following prompt:

    The Internet provides students a vast resource for research and learning. Yet, navigating the beneficial and dangerous places online has been an ever-evolving battle. What have you as a teacher and your classes learned when it comes to cyber safety?

    More information about this opportunity can be found here:

    The application deadline is April 30, 2017 so it would be great if you could post this opportunity as soon as possible on your News page ( so teachers have ample time to prepare their applications.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

    Kind regards,

    Jason Linton
    Community Manager

The ATOMIC Mission is to ensure that every Connecticut student receives world-class education in mathematics by providing vision, leadership and support to the K-16 mathematics community and by providing every teacher of mathematics the opportunity to grow professionally.

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